Jiujiang Xingli Beihai Composite Co., Ltd



China Beihai Fiberglass is a big and famous company for producing fiberglass in China. 


There are over 2100 workers in our group supply fiberglass products to the world market.
We supply the A grade top quality fiberglass products over 258000tons per year. Please visit our website to get more information of our products. Products:Fiberglass Roving,Fiberglass Chopped Strands,3D Fiberglass Woven Fabric, E-glass Stitched Combo Mat,Aluminum Foam Panel.


Main Categories

3D 유리 섬유 직물
FRP 제품
유리 섬유 로빙
US$115.00 - US$160.00/세트
100 세트(Min. Order)
1000 킬로그램(Min. Order)
1000 킬로그램(Min. Order)

상위 순위 제품

US$0.99 - US$1.15/킬로그램
1000 킬로그램(Min. Order)

Fiberglass Materials

US$1.15 - US$1.60/평방미터
5.0 평방미터(Min. Order)
5000 평방미터(Min. Order)
US$4.59 - US$5.99/평방미터
100 평방미터(Min. Order)

FRP Products

50 세트(Min. Order)
US$115.00 - US$160.00/세트
100 세트(Min. Order)